Sunday Scooter Posse

Meet some of the members of the Sunday Scooter Posse. It was established... well, today. And its already loads of fun. What better than to cruise around in beautiful weather viewing the awesome sights PG has to offer with a belly full of some good Sunday Dinner?

Cute Rox rockin it solo on Beetle's scoot. To put it delicately, this scooter struggles. But she was able to keep up and even lead the pack for most of the trip.

Meet the newest member of the fam. Its a Honda 500, year 1985. Its a seasoned bike of 25 years that runs great. Danny got it for $200 bucks too, so that's just icing on the cake. Although we are misfits in the Sunday Scooter Posse, we really like it. Sunday rides up the canyon here we come!

Look at those beauties.
Pretty maids all in a row.
Roman and Michelle showing off with some fancy footwork...

Notice the Otter Pop hanging from Roman's mouth. In this photo he is enjoying a Poncho Punch (originally Rip Van Lemon until the mid-1970s).
These are a must at any Scooter Posse ride.
Danny and I on our misfit hog lovin' every minute of it!
Roman and Michelle rounding the corner at a max speed of 25!
To explain the poor quality of all of these photos, they were taken with my Iphone. And at these high speeds you can expect the photos to look a little disproportionate or skewed.
Its science folks.

My favorite line from Rox was, "Guys, 27! I just hit 27!" At this point the growl of the scooter had reached a loud roar.

Join us next week when we paint the town red on these hogs. We mean bidness folks!


cheryl said…
It seems everytime I write on your blog I start it with TOO MUCH FUN! So here goes TOO MUCH
FUN! I love scooters! They are just my speed... Just enough wind on the face too. Probably a lot safer than me on my bike too.
cheryl said…
Sorry so many TOOS in my comment!
Janeal said…
that's way fun. Ryan's been dying to get a motorcycle. maybe we'll see you around!
Rangi said…
Hopefully Sara and I can get some of that action next week. Looks like a blast.
Anonymous said…
我們唯一需要恐懼的事,是恐懼本身 ..................................................

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