Ode to The Ricker

1. Just to start things off... He has killed one of these. Yeah, he's hardcore. He's the Ricker.
2. He's a softie. No matter how tough he might think he is or how intimidated my friends are of him, he has a soft spot for others. Rox and I bring him to tears every time we sing "Sisters."
3. He is always looking for opportunities to help people. He gives of his time to others.

4. He's a party animal in every sense of the word. He is the reason our family has so much fun. Which could also be due to the fact that
5. He throws the best parties.
6. He's 100% Irish.
7. Recently we just found out he is also belongs to one of the most chosen people, the Jews. ha ha, just playin Ricker:)
8. He's a very good liar. Growing up he always told me I was so cute. Looking back on my Junior High photos, during the ages 11-16 were the acme of his lying career.

9. He'll do anything for his kids/grandkids.
Example: I was living in St. George and it was the day before my birthday when the Ricker called and asked me what my plans were for my birthday. I told him not really anything. The next day him and my mom surprised me by driving the 4 hour drive to say Happy Birthday in person! They drove down to St. George and took me back with them in one day. When I walked in the door they had a whole birthday party planned for me. It was a good day:)
10. He tells the best scary stories. I.E. The Golden Arm, The Ratman. The best part of all these stories is they are 100% true and factual.
11. He bought me a giant parrot, a hedge hog, a puppy, ect, that I had to have.

12. He resembles a young Robert Redford.
13. Seriously THEE most loyal person you will ever meet. I always know I have someone ready to back me up or fight for me:) Everyone should have someone like The Ricker in their life.

14. He treats Cher like a Queen. He made me realize how I wanted my husband to treat me and set an example for all of our brothers how they should treat their wives.
15. He is so supportive. He sat through countless wrestling tournaments, swim meets, football games, softball tournaments, and of course his favorites Choir Concerts and Cheer competitions with no complaints.
16. He always encouraged all of his kids to do anything and everything they could.
17. He's convincing. He gave me my confidence. He always told me I was talented, beautiful, and could do anything I put my mind to. I think if someone tells you something enough you really start to believe it. I've always felt like if I worked hard enough I really could do anything.

18. He secretly likes Boldie and Stitch.
19. He is the O'Smart's Softball Coach.
20. He makes the best treat bags for special events.
21. All growing up he worked SO much to make sure all of us kids had everything we needed and wanted. It wasn't uncommon for him to work 90+ hours a week.

22. You can guarantee he is friends with the meat and produce guy at all the local supermarkets in PG. The fruits of these friendships are awesome.
23. He loves when Roxanne and I sing together. I love this. Even though singing "Sisters" at age 23 in front of your whole extended family can be extremely humiliating.
24. His man crush is "The Rock."
25. He taught me how to throw a softball. One of my favorite things when I was younger was playing softball with my dad.
26. He loves his mom so much. He makes sure Grandma Phyl is always taken care of and present at all of our parties.
27. He gave me my love for a good deal. The only person who loves Flea Markets and Yard Sales more than me, is the Ricker. Whenever I get a bargain he's the first person I cant wait to show and tell.

28. When I was little, or even in High School, he would always say, "Here's some money just for being so cute." or "Let's go buy you girls an outfit just because you're so cute."
29. He won the Wild Cow Milk.
30. If Ricker is going to do something you can guarantee he will go all out. He volunteers to take dinner to people in the ward all the time. We're not talking about any weak sauce meals. This brotha can cook! Delicious seven course meals complete with ribs, rolls, corn, salad, a full pie, ect. Yeah people are faking illnesses to get these meals, and frankly I dont blame them.

31. He takes pride in and LOVES our house.

32. He is THEE Grill Sergeant.

33. He bought me a Pink Convertible for heaven's sake...
(Also, I dont know what the crap Roman is doing in this picture, I couldn't find another one)
34. He set such a good example for his sons by serving a mission.
35. He set such a good example for all of his kids by working hard and being honest. Ricker lives by the motto, "Work Hard, Play hard." and of course by "Kiss the Cook:)"

36. He made sure I had the picturesque wedding I always wanted. I really wanted to have it in our backyard and he worked so hard, as well as the rest of the fam, to make sure it looked perfect. He put countless hours in, and the house looked awesome.
37. He loves my red hair, maybe more than me.

38. Whether he is rooting for The Vikings or The Cougars he is True Blue through and through.

39. All of the cheerleaders at our High School loved him because he would bring us Einstein Bagels to our early morning cheer practices.
40. He has a testimony of our Savior.
41. Not many people can say they've owned a Rolls Royce, he can.
42. My dad loved his dad. I know he always cared so much for Big El and always wanted to make him proud. When Big El got sick my dad was right by his side. He drove to Salt Lake EVERY SINGLE DAY to take him dinner and visit with him. Through his example and by watching how he interacted with his dad, my dad has taught me that we need to honor our parents and make them proud. I know Big El is proud of my dad. I am proud of my dad and proud to say Im his daughter. I know everyone thinks this but I truly feel I have the best dad. My family has been truly blessed by the Ricker.

Love you dad!

Happy Father's Day!


Brooke Self said…
This is so cute! And your Dad seems adorable. Thanks for sharing. =)
cheryl said…
Rachel I loved this "The Ode to Ricker." It is such a great tribute to Dad. I love him so much and I loved how happy it made him, even if it made us both cry.
Rangi said…
Rach, Ricker is the best dad on the planet, but he did not win the wild cow milk. He didn't even money, and as far as 100% Irish, I will refrain from comment only because it is father's day.

P.S. I wanted a most stubborn person on the planet comment.
Mindy said…
Rachel, that was cute and a perfect tribute to your Dad.What a great Fathers Day gift!
R-foo said…
we are so lucky to have The Ricker as our neighbor. he brought us a 7 course meal after we had Eli and it was DELISH!! i'm seriously thinking about having another kid just to have another meal. hahaha! ;) he's been such an exmaple since we moved in years ago and i know we all love and respect him. :)
Anonymous said…
chelsea said…
I love "the Rock" too! Well said Rach, nobody beats the Ricker!! He has made many of my bdays away from home memorable when I was at BYU. Miss you guys!!

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