Should've Been

We should've been in California. We should've been digging our feet into the warm Cali sand, getting more freckles, playing with Rang and Sara's California cuties and shopping at the World's biggest Yard Sale with Rocky and Sarah. We should've been, but were not. Why you ask?

(let's just pretend you asked)

The Silver Fox started acting up, dripping from places it shouldn't drip, so we took it into the shop...

$750 later... and our Cali Moola is spent. Boo.

Danny and I hardly ever have SATURDAYS off, let alone together, and we were so excited to take a trip before summer school started. So we decided to enjoy the Sunny weather that has finally decided to show its face in Utah County again. Hallelujah and Amen.

We started Friday night off at THEE best Party Spot in Utah, Ricker and Cher's, for a quality Bonfire.
AnnaBelle making up a special treat for Grandpa Ricker. I believe its called Flaming Death.

*Notice: Toasted Coconut Marshmallows are a definite must at any bonfire.

I got cute pictures of everyone but there isn't room for everyone on this post. I have to blog on behalf of Millie and Roxanne to ensure everyone knows they're still alive. I thought this pic was cute.

Cher is a good sport. Stitch thinks he's a 40 lb. lap dog.
(This pic is for all my animal haters out there. I dont know how so many ended up in one family?)

The next morning we found ourselves at Daylight Donuts getting some energy to start our Yard Sale-ing. Tis the Season!!! My favorite season I might add.

If you're ever at a Polynesian Yard Sale and you cant seem to find Ricker or Danny, I'll give ya one hint....

You can guarantee that they have made friends with a hefty man grilling riblets and kalua pork listening to Bob Marley... And they did.

Danny and Ricker happy as can be with their "Golden Tickets."

And we wonder why we're fat?

My yard sale finds for the day. I got that little painting for .50 cents, the boots for a buck and the brand new camera case (with lock combo and compartments for my different lenses) for $5.00. I was happy. One successful yard sale filled morning and hopefully many more to come.

Oh and another one for my animal haters:) Boldie broke a personal record for sleeping with his tongue out of his mouth.
Old record: 2 inches New Record: 3 inches!!!

We ended our day with taking our dogs on a hike and watching the sun go down. It was a beautiful night, we loved it! It was definitely no Cali and we miss Rangi & Co. so much but it actually turned out to be a fun weekend. As long as it doesn't snow again I think we'll be happy in Utah for a while!


Rachey Smart said…
this is Dan and those Ribs were somethin fine. nothing better than a day in the sun and your belly filled to the brim
Rangi said…
Wish you guys could have been down here, but it looks like you had a great weekend regardless. Unfortunatly, there were no Poly BBQ's at our garage sale.
cheryl said…
I'm not an animal hater, but I am a hater of Bad pictures of me being bombarded by dogs. Cute display of your garage sale finds.
Rangi said…
Rach, this is Sara, wish you guys could have come...if we can't get the Smarts down here for a huge garage sale I don't know what we can!
Sarah said…
Rach! I found your blog!! Send me your email so I can add you to mine!! Love you!!

Sarah (Buswell) Kolar
Rangi said…
P.S.sorry about your car that is crummy! I meant to say that in my last comment. Love, Sara
Anonymous said…
Judge not of men and things at first sight.......................................................

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