Eastersss Egg Partay

Los Gs got together Saturday Night to celebrate Eastersss Nacho Libre Style by dyeing "Eagle Eggs." We had a contest to see who could dye the best egg. We got down to the "Nitty Gritty" and some pretty sweet eggs came of it.

Some of the Los Gs with their eggs.
Heather with her "Nacho" inspired Egg. Her egg was known to say, "Don't you know I've had Diarrhea since Easterss?"

Every Los Party has to have the Communal Bubbly:)

And the Winner of the contest...."Le Bus" By Rick James Elder. It was a definite crowd pleaser especially since we went on the Fun Bus just last weekend! (Sorry for the dark quality of all the photos. Our apartment has terrible lighting, especially at 1:00 am)

I love dan.


Britanee Walker said…
those are some awesome looking eggs :)
Rachey Smart said…
pretty much the most bitchin party. It was a complete night of fun and entertainment. this is Dan by the way. but i love easter time and being with friends and family
Rangi said…
"Eagle powers come to meeeee!!" You guys think of all the coolest reasons to have a party!
Rangi said…
Sidewalk chalk is pretty cool but I personally prefer fancy creams and lotions. Love this post! Love, sara

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