Monday With Millie

Today we get to babysit Millie! Doesn't she look thrilled?
The weather is so nice we decided to go for a walk. Doesn't Danny look like a natural? He will be such a great dad:)
Mills and I. Once again...thrilled.
We painted her cute little toes! She was so good and sat patiently while I painted. She loved when I would blow them dry.
Millie is trying so hard to walk. She loves when you hold her hands and help her walk around.
Just in case any of you were wondering... her eyelashes CONTINUE to grow!

We Love Millicent:)


Roxanne said…
Oh my heck! :) Thank you so much Rachel not only did you babysit.... but you blogged it so I got to see her :) Thanks! Great pictures :) You all look so so cute!!
Sarah said…
Those pictures are so cute. If I hire you to babysit Eliot, will you take cute pictures of her?
cheryl said…
Rachel you and Danny are such a great aunt and uncle to Millie. She is lucky to have you. Really cute paint job on the toes too.
Rocky said…
Call me crazy but something about that last picture reminds me of Eliot. All super cute!
Rachey Smart said…
Of course Sarah!! I love Elie:) And Rocky, I actually already thought that about the last one! maybe because of her cheeks and eyes? Either way, both cuties:)
Rebecca said…
Hey Rach! Sorry, just saw your message on my blog. The blog site is, just leave a note there how to reach you and she'll contact you! congrats, how exciting! I love free stuff! I'm glad we are blogging buddies too, I as well love your blog. You and your hubby and your fam do lots of fun crazy stuff, I love it!

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