Macro Fun

The weather has been so beautiful the last couple of days. Danny and I cant get enough of it! So we pulled out my Macro Lens, that I have only used a couple of times, and had some fun. I know Dandelions are weeds but I think they're kind of beautiful.
An up close of my unruly red hair.

Popcorn Poppin' on the Apricot Tree!

Danny's Eye looking a little freaky. I still like this shot. Our kids WILL have white eyelashes... it's a given.
The focus was supposed to be on my eye but Danny got the lashes instead. I like it! Guess we were having too much fun, I didn't have time to put mascara on:) Like I said, our kids WILL have Albino eyelashes.
Does this one remind anyone of Honey I shrunk the Kids ?
Yay for Spring!


Rangi said…
I don't know if it is politically correct to post pictures of your lovey locks, it makes the nons feel insecure.
cheryl said…
s like Honey I Shrunk the Kids. It really has been a beautiful few days. It is supposed to start raining tomorrow night but I can handle the rain... just no more snow I hope. I want to plant some strawberries. I like the peach colored dandelion.

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