Webelos at the Waterfall

One of our boys was graduating from Webelos and still needed to go on a three mile hike to get his Arrow of Light. So, in the snow, we trekked up to a waterfall near our house and our Webelos got their badge. I hope everyone is enjoying this picture because I risked the life of my camera by setting it on a tree limb dangling over the river. At least we got a group pic, right?

OUR boys loved the hike! Boldie will always pose for pictures whereas Stitch NEVER will. In this instance I was holding a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup about camera level. Worked like a champ.
Spring is coming!
Remnants of Fall

Danny was teaching the boys to skip rocks in the river. They were loving it.
The boys crossing the bridge
We made it to our destination... the waterfall!

Webelos Den Mothers...3rd Ward


Britanee Walker said…
you are one brave woman to dangle your camera above running water! what a fun hike tho :)
Mindy said…
nice under-bite Bouldie.
cheryl said…
I can't believe you guys did that hike in the snow.
Sydney said…
You guys are the best Den Mothers ever. Dang, I was hoping you'd bring the green alligator on your waterfall trip.
Janeal said…
That's cute! You guys takin kids on hikes and stuff... Was that up Battlecreek Canyon?
Rachey Smart said…
Sydney...what the crap! How could I have forgotten the alligator!? And Janeal, it was a cold but fun time up by Kiwanis Park:)
Rangi said…
I love when I get comments in Asian on my blog. Nice hike.

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