Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Phat.

Today I got new glasses. I am really excited:)

They are prescription, very different, and many of you will probably laugh at them.
I know many of you WEREN'T surprised to see a title, "Baby Phat" (Baby Phat pronounced, \ˈbā-bē\ \ˈfat\) on my blog due to my Ghetto Fabulousness and Ebonic Rap Star potential (complete with legitimate rap name, Rizzna$ty, and ghetto booty). Nor would you be surprised to find copious amounts of various South Pole, Sean John, or Baby Phat items, "chillin" in my closet. I regrettably admit to actually owning ZERO articles of the previously named clothing...that was until 4:00 (Mountain Daylight Time) today.

These are my new gems.

I am now the proud owner of BABY PHAT.

I'd like to think my style is Ghetto meets Grandma.


Brooke Self said...

very cute!! I love these =)

Angie. said...

SO cute, Rachey! You look fabulous. (But then, you always do..)

cheryl said...

Rach, definitely not grandma glasses. You look cute as always.

Whitney said...

hmm... i like them. totally rachel!

Lane and Chelsea said...

haha your hilarious, I miss you!

Ash Att said...

bahaha! Rachel i LOVE that you just said "ghetto meets grandma". I LOVE the glasses, they look great! :)

Rangi said...

You can pull off any look you want because "You're a redhead, that's right I said it, you're a redhead!"


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