Happy Valentime's Day!!!

I know it was a couple weeks ago but it was such a great event I feel its still worthy of being blogged:) Danny and I celebrated it on Friday because we both worked Saturday night. We both have been wanting to go to Red Lobster lately and Danny had a $50 gift card, which was perfect, so we ordered whatever the heck we wanted. It was SOOO good, Im still full.

My delicious meal...
My delicious husband...
For every holiday my mom decorates her mantle and it always looks so cute. She makes a lot of the cute stuff she uses... and a masterpiece is born. I hope Im like her someday.
Cousinly love on Valentime's Day:)
The whole fam went up to G. Phyl's for V-day. It was really fun to get together. Ricker and Cher made a killer meal(as usual) and we played games after. This is me, Grandma Phyl Phyl and Rox with our sugar cookies. I made one for everyone with their names on it. It was really fun but I wish the names were more legible:) Im looking into purchasing some cake decorating tools.
Ricker and Cher with their cookies
Anna, Bens and Elie...cute as ever.
Cute Mindy and her cookie. Side note, I cant WAIT to find out what she's having!
Mindy, G. Phyl, Rox and Grant playing games

This isn't a great pic of either of us but my sweet cameo is what you should be noticing! Danny gave it to me for V-Day and I LOVE IT!!! It is from the 1870's and I wish I had a more close up picture because it is beautiful. I am so excited! I have wanted a real cameo FOREVER but could never afford it. Now I can give Cher's cameo back, ha ha.



cheryl said…
I love your hair in the last picture. I'm so glad you started a blog. Your Valentine cookies were so good, and cute.

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