Ella's my Girl

Ella Fitzgerald is amazing. I love her. Her voice is timeless and this song is priceless. I love her tone and style, I could seriously listen to this song all day...and I pretty much have been. Enjoy:)
--Ella Fitzgerald, Someone To Watch Over Me

*Sorry it's not a live performance this is all I could find.


cheryl said…
Rachel I love Ella too. luckily I got to hear her in the 747 cockpit, cause the video on you blog didn't work for me.
Rangi said…
Rach, I haven't checked your blog since the fun bus to Wendover. You have been busy. Loved it all. You are a party animal in every sense of the word. The St. Patty's Day party does look fun, but the parade looks like straight torture. I don't know if I could subject myself to that. Nice blogging though.

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