Thursday, August 9, 2012

O'Smart/McElder Family Photo Shoot

Recently the ENTIRE Rick and Cher Smart Family got a professional photo taken.  To fill you in on our last professional photo shoot, I think, I was seven years old and had a T-Rex tattoo on my right forearm. 
(Yes, I was classy even at a young age.)
So needless to say, this photo shoot was LONG overdue.  I think they turned out pretty good for such a large, rambunctious group of Smarts. 
Afterwards we had Roman snap a few of our little fam.  Danny hates getting his photo taken, unless he is running through sprinklers in the rain.  (At that point he throws poses left and right.)  So by this time of the night he was done.  He didn't like any of these photos of him so we might have to do a retake day sometime soon.  You can definitely tell that with each photo Pearl AND Danny have had enough.  Thanks for taking our pics Roman!

Pearl is all smiles til it gets down to business.  Dinner.


Beetle said...

Those are great family photos! You look so pretty in all of them. Danny and Pearl look cute too.

Beetle said...

That was Mindy commenting...NOt Beetle.

Dan Elder said...

I can't believe you put the picture of me doing a bever smile. I thought I told you I hate that photo. I still love you and you and pearl look super cute in it at least.

Sydney said...

Rach, you guys are the most beautiful family! You look gorgeous like usual and I love the family photo!


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