Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Month Pearl

This post is all over the place, which seems fitting because now, so is Pearl.

She is 7 months old and moving everywhere.
One of her many Beach Babe poses.
We've come a long way with tummy time.

She had her 6 month check up 2 weeks ago and had to have some shots.  Shots are always fun....
She screamed SO hard and then as soon as I picked her up her head swung around and she smiled a huge smile at the nurse.  The nurse said, "Boy, she is quick to forgive."  

Her percentiles:
Head: 73%
Height: 75%
Weight: 71%
She is still really smiley, but I swear I can see her little brain running a hundred miles a minute thinking about who knows what.  It is weird how much progression she has made in just the last month.  She now:
-Can crawl
-Sit up
-Eat solids
-Babble sounds like ba ba, ma ma, da da
-Pick things up with her thumb and index finger
-Occasionally do a sit up
-Fake coughs (She always smiles at the end like she knows she's so funny)
-Find the tiniest particle on any floor surface.

BUT, She is yet to have any sign of a tooth.  I'm a sucker for her gummy smile anyways.
She still:
-Hates her Car seat
-Puts everything in her mouth
-Loves to swing

I have been completely unsuccessful in keeping her even moderately clean after a meal.  How do you parents do it?  She insists on holding the spoon, leaving peas and pears on my kitchen windows.

She doesn't spit up often anymore, but when she does....
Be glad you weren't holding her.

She loves to swing.

Love her.

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Lauren said...

I had a friend who gave her son a spoon that distracted him while she fed him with another spoon of food.


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