Pearl's Percentiles

I love this little girl.
I can't believe how much fun she is. It has been so fun hanging out with her all day (and night:). She is definitely my little buddy already.
She changes so much everyday I'm trying to soak up all I can.

She had her 2 week check up on Friday and we got her percentiles.
I was surprised that in a week and a half she had already grown an inch and gained a pound.
She's definitely falling into my evil plan to get her chubbified ASAP.
Pearl's Percentiles:
Head Circ: 35 cm 32%
Length: 20 1/2 inches 60%
Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz 38%

Sorry there are so many pics, she's too cute to just pic a couple!!!
Just for the record, she already hates tummy time.
This is the only photo I could get of her on her stomach without her screaming.

This one is Danny's fave:)

I call this one, "Baby Duck" for obvious reasons.

The bow made her a little top heavy:)

She's a snuggly little thing.
I love Pearl Girl:)


Grandma Cher said…
I love Pearl Girl. She is so Dang cute. I love Mondays cause I get to hang out with you two.
Unknown said…
I wish I could hang out on Monday's too. It always looks like so much fun. I can't believe how big she is already getting. I look forward to the weekends now. I am thee weekend warrior!
Sarah said…
I saw more pictures! I can't wait to meet her. She looks so sweet.
Sydney said…
She's just a little peanut! Rach, keep the pics coming! I love looking at her - she is just precious. Such a beautiful baby! I hope you are getting some sleep here and there amidst all your playtime.
Bren and Kels said…
She is so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!
chelsea said…
She is so beautiful!! Her hair is amazing. Congrats to you and Danny!!
Darcee said…
Don't ever apologize for too many pics! There's no such thing when it comes to you're children! She is truly beautiful. She looks just like you. Keep the pics coming!
Lauren said…
She's seriously the sweetest thing! Adorable! You make cute ones!
sheila said…
Gorgeous pictures!! She looks just like her Mom. I can't wait to see her in person. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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