Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Day in the Life of Millie... with Grandpa.

Millie is Grandpa Ricker's little buddy. She will be the first one to tell you that.
Working full time I haven't been fortunate enough to experience their fun activities for a while. Since I am now on Maternity leave, for the next 10 weeks, Pearl and I are living it up with the duo.
For example, today I watched William Shatner's 1977 Kingdom of the Spiders while eating take out.
Plot Summary: Tarantulas strike back at man for destroying their food with pesticides.
I know. With this plot and Shatner. Win win right?

Right. It's a great life.

Anyways, back to Millie.
A. So she's way too cute. and B. She owns the Ricker.
Grandpa Ricker takes Millie to Wal Mart frequently to go on, "the rides."
Grandma Cher and I spectated. Millie loved the audience and wouldn't stop
yelling, "Look at me Guys!"
She rides every ride at least twice, squealing and laughing the whole time.
After riding all the rides, Millie gets to peruse Wal Mart on Ricker's scooter for her favorite treat.
This particular day, she nabbed a bag of Cheetos bigger than her.
My favorite Millie quote of the day... "When I'm potty trained, I'm going to High School."

Millie loves her cousin already and insists on calling her, "Pearl Girl."
I love it.
And the icing on the cake?
A Corn dog in one hand and a giant ice cream cone in the other.
With these two handfuls life is a bliss complete.


Mindy said...

That is so cute and so true! Millie has the life.

Lauren said...

Oh man, this little girl is a character! But she is a Smart, probably why! i love it!


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