Saturday, January 21, 2012

One of These Things is Not Like the Others...

One of these things is not like the others....
Look closely for Pearl.
Here's a closer look to help you out. Clue: She is not 2nd in from the right though the hair is very similar.
There she is! By the looks of it, she's not trusting that teddy.
Cute baby Pearl is 9 Days old today:)


Grandma Cher said...

I love Pearl in Cheetah. That picture with her animals reminds me of E.T. Remember when they hide E.T. in the closet with a bunch of stuffed animals. I guess that's a bad comparison because Pearl is so dang cute and E.T. was kind of ugly. But I actually really liked E.T. too. Anyway sorry for rambling, but Pearl is so CUTE in Cheetah.

Mindy said...

Ha Ha! This is a funny post and Cheryl comment is even funnier!!

Rocky said...

Amen! Great post and comment from Cher. Your baby is so darn cute! Her hair is completely flame on beautiful. I am so jealous and cannot wait for a another few weeks to get number two of the fearsome foursome here! Love you Rach and well done!!!

Sara said...

Congrats... I just assumed I was only going to see Pearl on facebook so I never even checked the blog!!! SO Glad you blogged!!! Love the nursery it is adorable!(awesome crib) Also love the BABY! So cute and I love Cheryl's comment too! So true I didn't think Rangi could get any cuter until he held our first baby! Just wait until Danny has held 4! (It's a miracle I can keep my hands off Rangi).


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