Civil War has broken out between two of Hershey's delicious chocolate bars.
The fraternal twin candy bars have pretty much left our home a house divided.
I am most definitely partial to the Whatchamacallit.
A divine peanut flavor crisp laced with carmel and coated with cheap chocolate.
What's better than this timeless triple threat?

Thingamajig, Whatchamacallit's ugly brother, in recent years has swept local gas stations and grocery stores trying to compete with it's "cool" older brother. Made with cocoa crisps, a layer of Peanut Butter and covered in chocolate one would think poor carmel-ie Whatchamacallit doesn't stand a chance... Right? Wrong.
Thingamajig is like a cheap knock off of the Whatchamacallit. Why would Hershey's waste their time, and everyone elses, by boot legging their own candy bar???
Just like all fads people have realized what was cool this week is lame the next. Which is why my dear Whatchamacallit wins the prize.
This puppy has been around since 1978 and has boldly held up to all scrutiny.

Tonight Danny looks over at me and says,
"Where the heck can I find a thingamajig? I'm starting to get so pissed off."

I kindly responded,
"You can't find them anywhere because they're sick and Whatchamacallits are bomb."

Danny obviously wasn't having this, so we set off to find his inferior chocolate bar.

7 Gas stations later,

We saw not one Thingamajig.

But do you know what was at every gas station we stopped at? That's right.
Whatchamacallit. I did the right thing and bought a King size.
Don't worry, I gave Danny a bite.

Better luck next time Thingamajig.


Daniel Elder said…
seriously i cant believe that out of 7 gas stations not one had a thingamajig. Tonight i am going to bed pissed without my chocolate. i know rachel will be having sweet dreams tonight.
Lauren said…
BAHAHA Oh this is too funny Rachy! And I will have to admit that I have never in my life ever heard of a Thing-a-ma-jig. There's a reason why most gas stations don't carry it. The word doesn't even sound appetizing.
Rachel Elder said…
Thank you Lauren! My point exactly. :D
Mindy said…
I have never heard of thingamajig either. I love that you went to 7 gas stations, sorry Danny-I was really sad too when Nerds won Dweebs and eventually Dweebs were off the shelves.
Rocky said…
I am not sure I like your insinuation that "cool" older brother = better. Unless of course it is in relation to my four younger siblings. Thanks for the post Rach!
Tela said…
haha that I just found the thing-a-ma-jig for the first time at walmart. I was so confused because i thought it was the same as the whatchamacallit.I agree with dan that the thingamajig better.
Rangi said…
Sorry Rock but she did mean that "cool" older brother = better. Second out of six ain't bad.
Anonymous said…
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