Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy :^D

Do you ever catch your self smiling just at the thought of something?
Or do you ever see a photo and it instantly makes you feel happY?
I just saw this and couldn't help but smile.


Beetle said...

Are you smiling because of the cute picture of Rangi and Jillian, or the can of Diet Mountain Dew in the background. Because both are great reasons to smile.

Rachey Smart said...

Ha ha OH my! I didn't even notice. Im ashamed. But I guess both....:)

its simple love said...

Oh how presh! Man I am baby hungry. though it wont happen soon for me. Jealous!


cheryl said...

That picture totally makes me smile and I didn't even notice the Mountain Dew. That Jilli has got the cutest smile ever. Can you believe she will be 2 on Monday.

Rangi said...

Thanks for making me smile twice now, the last post and now this one. I didn't know who it was till I saw the ear.


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