They call me A Rod...

Millicent Alice Smart

This post is about a month late, but better late than never I guess?  The Picture above is Millicent Alice Smart.  Born May 14th at 2:20 a.m, Weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz ( as you can see above:)  
          I look pretty gross in this pic, but baby Millie makes up for it.  She was the cutest newborn:) Notice me wearing outfit number 1...just keep that in mind.  I feel very close to baby Millie because I got to experience her journey into the world.  Lets just say it was a traumatic experience for both of us.  For nine long months I begged Roxanne to let me in the birthing room.  Every single time I asked she replied, "Heck no."  I just couldn't figure out why she wouldn't want ME in the room with her?? I told her how supportive I'd be, or really quiet she wouldn't even know I was in the room!  A couple weeks before Millie was born, my mom overheard me, as usual, bugging Rox about the birthing room.  Finally, my mom told Roxanne to finally just let me come in!  This may be one of Roxanne/Cher's worst decisions ever made... however, I was stoked.  After all, I had never seen a baby be born and who better to witness than my best friend/sister's baby!  

 So the day finally came.  Rox was about to pop and Millie was ready to meet us.  Her water broke around 5  on wednesday night so we rushed her to the hospital.  We were so excited!  Patrick, Lily, Danny, my parents and I all waited.  Finally around 10:30 the Doctor came in and said that we should all go home and let Roxanne get some sleep and that we should rest up as well.  He said that baby Millie wouldn't come until at least 8 the next morning.  So we all left.  I fell asleep for about 45 minutes til I got a call from Rox.  I could tell that something was wrong.  Her epidural had worn off and she was in a lot of  pain, so I left and went straight to the hospital.  I was booking it and incidentally got pulled over by a cop!  I told him the situation and he was nice and let me go, so I wouldn't miss the birthing I had worked so hard for!  (he didn't know that of course, but he was understanding of the situation and told me to drive safe) I made it safely to the hospital and Rox and I were just sitting in the Hospital room talking when the nurse said she was ready to have her.  So we called everyone back and said unless they wanted to miss it, they better hurry!!!  

       (Notice Oufit Number 2) 
 So it was time and Baby Millie was coming whether we were ready or not.  I got my camera ready to get that first pic when the doctor holds up the baby.  So Roxanne is doing great, Cher is holding her hand.  The nurses are all very positive and nice, the Doctor is telling Roxanne what to do.  "Rachel?  Where's Rachel" I hear Roxanne ask.  Im leaning up against the wall trying not to faint!  I didn't think it was gross, it was actually really cool.  But for some reason I got very hot and felt like I was gonna fall over.  I have never fainted in my life, but I think I know what it will feel like if I ever do because Im pretty dang sure I was super close!  The doctor asked, "How we doing?"  I yelled out, "Not very good!"  (I later found out he was asking Roxanne, the woman who was delivering a child...strange I know? ha.)  I handed the camera to my mom and ran to the toilet in the hospital room.  I BARELY MADE IT.  All the Chuck-A-Rama scones didn't taste quite as good coming up. Yuck.  I threw up twice and peed my pants. No idea why.  I look around me, and Rox's nurses are in the bathroom helping ME!  Yes helping me instead of my sister who's in labor just outside the restroom.  I compose my self and walked out of the bathroom feeling confident and said, "Okay Im ready."  The doctor gave me a look like, Who IS  this girl and WHO let her in the birthing room, then said, "Im glad" sarcastically.  Roxanne was laughing so hard.  So I came back got the camera and one more push and we heard the best sound in the world... baby Millie's cry.  It was so cute.  I was  a bawling blubbering mess!  (literally) I like to think I helped birth baby Millie.  Because of my awkwardness, Roxanne pretty much laughed Baby Mill out.  ha ha, okay maybe not... But Rox did SO good, she only pushed a few times and she was out!  She was made for poppin out the babies!  It was such a neat experience.  Rox let me change into her maternity clothes that she was admitted into the hospital wearing! Wow, kind of embarrassing.  When I went out to tell everyone that Millie was born, Lily instantly commented on me wearing Roxanne's clothes... Oh Lily, like people dont wear their pregnant sister's maternity clothes home from the hospital! ha ha wow. Im awesome...

Rox will probaby kill me for posting this pic, but I love it.  This was right after she was born, Rox's first time meeting baby Millie:)  Rox is the toughest person I know as of May 14th 2:20, and I am the wussiest.

Roxanne and Millie and many visitors:)  Including AnnaBelle!  She was so cute holding Millie.  I cant believe how grown up AnnaBelle is.  Its so cute how much she loves holding Millie.  Also Roman, Michelle, Lily, Patrick, Beetle, Mindy, Sarah, Rocky, Eliot, Danny Man:) and Rick and Cher of course:)

We're look tired, but we're SO happy:)
Cute Danny holding baby Millicent Alice
Rome and Michelle were there bright and early
Billy Goat was there waiting all night!
Beetle and Mind with Baby Millie:)
Sarah and Rocky came too!

Proud Grandparents Ricker and Cher

Roxanne is the cutest mom.  She loves Millie so much.  

So to make a short story ridiculously long, the first time I talked to Rocky after Millie was born he started calling me A Rod.  I didn't really get it, but he sure thought it was funny.  Turns out A Rod fainted in the delivery room when his wife was having their baby.  I dont feel like such a wussy.  I made it through the delivery room with out fainting...WHO'S TOUGHER THAN  A PRO BALL PLAYER? ....RACHEL is tougher than a pro ball player!  Boo ya!  



the bigbam said…
That was funny and so incredibly detailed, down to the upchuckarama scones!
Sarah said…
I love you rach! I'm glad someone is blogging about little Millie so I can see more pictures.

Hey and thanks for taking those pictures of Eliot I love them.
Sara said…
Great post, I loved it, but I would not be proud to be tougher A-Rod. Sorry to bear the news but that guy is the girliest of girly baseball players.

Cydney Jensen said…
Haha this post made me laugh so hard...and cry since I recently went through the birthing experience myself! Tell Roxanne congrats for me!

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