Turns out French Bulldogs love Sour Cream.
Turns out Pigs do too.

Turns out he cleans up nicely:)


thebigbam said…
These pics on the other hand are so gross, the thought of a dog lapping up sour cream, Yuck! The last picture is cute though.
Sara said…
I can't believe you went directly from something as cute as Ellie to something as hideous as Boulder with crap on his face. Sick.
Sara said…
Hey, just for the record that is Rangi leaving those comments. I happen to like dogs with sour cream on their faces. BUT I do think the pictures of Sarah and Elie are much cuter (good job), and I am glad to finally get "a baby story" first hand (well almost) I still have to talk to Roxanne. I am actually jealous that you have seen a baby born, even though I have four, I have never actually seen it. It is so miraculous, just wait til you have your own!!! I know your track record isn't very good right now, but I think you are pretty tough! Can't wait to to see everyone and talk wedding and baby! Love Sara for real P.S. I hope you know my ONLY birthday wish(15days)
cheryl said…
Boldie has the face only a mother could love and I don't claim to be his mother. But his pictures are pretty cute.

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