Baby Millie Is One Month Old Today!!!

Cutest Face Ever.
This dress was our Great Grandmas's Blessing Dress.  Roxanne was blessed in it and Millie will be too.
Baby Mill in a Baby Buggie from the 1890's.
Looking Up at her Mom:)
She is seriously the best baby...It may have been the Bonnet?
She is always VERY alert and looking around.  I can't believe how much older she has been acting in just the last week!

This is when she was actually 3 weeks but I thought I'd throw it on this post:)

I cant believe Millie is already one month!  But at the same time, I feel like I have known her longer than that... I know I dont make sense.  We have loved having her in the house.  Everyone loves her!  Ya cant help but be happy looking at her cute self!


Sarah said…
She is looking so cute! I'm so glad the dress worked out!
the bigbam said…
That dress is so cute and it looks like it fits her perfect! I love the pics in the buggy.
Alea said…
Such a doll! Roxanne and her hubby made one cute baby!
hey bum... i'm so excited your getting married... have you set a date yet? Gosh i never run into you anymore how ya been?

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