What can you do with 13 blankets, 3 foam pads, 4 people and 1 French Bulldog?

You can build a really fun nest!
We got a bunch of bulk candy and went up AF Canyon star gazing in Palomino Thunder.
 Looking at the incriminating 100 oz that might cause me to wet the bed...
Brutie love
Police Officer:  Do you guys have any alcohol up here?
The 4 of us:  No officer.
Police Officer:  Cute dog. Is it male or female?
Rachel:  He's a female.
Police Officer:  But has she had any alcohol?


 What a fun night!
 We watched the sun come up over Tibble Fork, it was beautiful.

And I was one happy mama to see Pearl again.  I left her for a record 10 hours and dreamed about her all night!  Thanks for watching her Steph!


Jamie said…
That sounds like so much fun...especially the 100oz MD...my king of lady!
Lauren said…
Looks like a lot of fun. Can you guys adopt me? I want to be part of fun also!
Grandma Cher said…
Somethin' bout a Truck!!!

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