Millicent and Pearl

Everyday I hang out with two cute girls.  Millicent and Pearl.
Some might think watching 2 busy kids sounds miserable. Some might think it sounds easy.  
Most of the time it is really fun.  So fun, I cry my mascara off at least once a day, usually from laughing.  (I am looking into making the switch to waterproof) 

Millie putting plastic Easter eggs down her shirt so she "looks like me." 
Easter Eggs?  Thanks Millie.
This one time I was working in my yard when I heard, "Um Wachey, Can you come here?"  

 I love these two girls so much.

I don't why it's so hilarious when Pearl gets a chunk of Millie's hair and refuses to let go. 
Could it be:

A.  The fact that Pearl is finally getting some revenge.  She doesn't know it of course, but the giant smile on her face suggests otherwise.

B."Puhl StOP taking my yellow hairs! Wachel, she's a bad baby!"-Millie

C. Pearl literally has white knuckles of excitement.

They are pretty entertaining.
Don't worry Millie is STILL in her swimsuit and her lessons got over 3 hours ago.  Don't judge.

P.S. Pearl is 6 months old today.  She actually was at 4:12 this morning.  What a fun 6 months!  I can't believe my baby is half way to a year.


Rocky said…
Fantastic! So cute. Love the Easter eggs Millie.
Dana Tyner said…
The picture of Millie squashed in the door made me laugh so hard-- your blog is so entertaining!
Grandma Cher said…
Happy 6 month to Pearl. They are really cute girls together... Little sister cousins.

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