Sunday, June 10, 2012


Many of you that are familiar with Disney's, Bug's Life will recognize my favorite character, Heimlich.  The chubby German caterpillar who is very happy and always has food on his mind.  He dreams of becoming a, "beautiful butterfly" and at the end of the movie he does come out of a cocoon, but with wings far too small to carry his still huge body.  Pearl and Heimlich seem to have some similar qualities.  Since she started getting chubby, around 5 weeks old, I told everyone her thighs felt like I imagined Heimlich the caterpillar to feel.  Squishy yet firm.  Soft yet springy.  One of the best textures I have yet to feel and the reason I can't stop squishing her thighs.

If SBS (Squozen Baby Syndrome) is real, I'm sure Pearl suffers from it.  I encourage others to indulge in her thighs and cheeks often because you just don't come across chub this cute often.
It seems we have our own baby Heimlich on our hands.  She too, is always happy and loves to eat. 

My friend and next door neighbor, Jocelyn, gave Pearl these adorable wings at my shower and I have been so excited to put them on her since!  This will not be the last photo shoot where these wings are present, I promise.

Squishy yet firm.  Soft yet springy.  Hungry yet happy. 
Yep, that's my baby Heimlich.


Brooke said...

so adorable! haha..

Sydney said...

Hemlich!! Hahahahahaha. Best photoshoot ever! Her little caterpillar buns! love it!

Grandma Cher said...

So is that where the saying,"cute as a bug came from."

Shaun and Lisa said...

She is so adorable. I totally want to squish those lil thighs!


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