Alice the Hedgehog

This one time 3 days before my first Mother's Day, Danny came home from work and was too excited for comfort.  He said he had my Mother's Day gift in the front yard and it couldn't wait until then.  That's when I was worried my, "gift" might be alive.  Something I have learned from my parent's relationship is, if the "gift" can't wait a few days then the, "gift" is usually alive.  Danny is becoming more and more like the Ricker as time goes on.  Anyways, the only things I want that are living right now would be a teacup pig in rain boots  or another french bulldog.  Both of those pets are thousands of dollars out of our budget right now, so I was racking my brain for what kind of animal it could be.

Meet Alice the Hedgehog.  I have owned 11 hedgehogs in my life, Alice made the 12th.  How did I not guess???  The last hedgehog I owned, the late Quillbur Quilliam Smart, was three years ago.  I really was pretty shocked.
Millie felt Alice would better adjust if she had some friends her size she could relate to.

One of the best parts of having Alice was watching Millie and Brutus meet her for the first time.  If any of you have ever been around a hedgehog, when they feel scared or threatened they hiss, jump and curl up into a ball of spikes. You literally cannot tell their head from their butt.  In our case, we didn't see much of Alice's face unless we were giving her a bath.  Millie kept wanting me to get Alice out of her cage and every time I did, same thing, a hissing, jumping, pokey ball of quills.  Millie said, "I think that thing is gonna pop!"

Millie and Brutus both learned the hard way that hedgehogs can be very spikey.
I love Millie's face in this one:)  

These five are quite the sight.
Not all hedgehogs are mean.  If you get them as hoglets and handle them regularly they are actually really cute and fun to have as pets.  They will crawl around your hands and run around the yard.  I have had hedgehogs on both ends of the spectrum and I could feel Alice was going to need A LOT of love and attention to get her closer to the tame side.  When I don't have a baby in my arms I would rather be cleaning my house, sewing, blogging, doing yard work, showering! ect.  I just didn't feel like I had the time that this wild hedgehog needed.  I felt really bad because Danny was SO excited to give me Alice and my reaction was definitely not what he expected.  After trying her out for a few days, we decided she would be better off with another family.  Danny listed her on KSL and a few hours later she was sold to a man wearing tight Wranglers, a mullet and a mustache to match.  He would make any native from Spanish Fork proud!  He was a really nice guy buying it for his daughter's 13th birthday.  I got my first hedgehog, Prickles, when I was 7 and had him for several years.  He was the best!  I hope that little girl loves Alice like I loved Prickles.  

So now Danny was onto attempt #2 at an awesome Mother's Day gift.  When did I become so picky?

He nailed the second try!  We got 2 new beautiful arbors that I have wanted so bad since we moved in.  I love them!  I had a great Mother's Day and was completely spoiled.

Pearlie and I on my first Mother's Day.  I'd take her over a hedgehog anyday:)


chelsea said…
I stayed at a bed and breakfast last week called "The Hedgehog". It reminded me of you! Pearl is so beautiful--I love her dress in the last pic.
Mindy said…
So glad you took pics of Alice, I never met her. Love the cheeto pic!
Grandma Cher said…
I like the arbors way better. Danny is such a pleaser!

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