Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Firsts...

Pearl sat in her Bumbo for the first time. I'm not sure how she felt about it...:)

We went on our first family scooter ride!
Juuuuuust kidding. Auntie Pop Rox was a dear and babysat The Pea Train while we went on our first ride of the scootin' season.
I think Pearl realized for the first time that she loathes the sun in her eyes. She definitely is my flesh and blood.
Brutus made his first friend and it's a dang cat. What the...
He also went on his first scooter ride and thought the experience was just mediocre.

Millie opened her first fortune and it couldn't be truer.
Pearl Jam threw up her first gang sign.
Already a thug.
She also got her first Beatle's article of clothing. Thanks Aunt Roxanne!

Pearl wore her first outfit from All-a-Dollar.
(Roman and I bought matching outfits for our babes. Pearl's is size 12 months. The bottoms are already bootie shorts and her belly is about to split through the monkey. Either she is gigantor or All-a-Dollar's sizing is 10 months off. You be the judge. Danny thinks it may be a combination of both. I have to agree.)
Pearl got her nails did for the first time.
And the biggest first, as of late, is Pearl got to meet her cousin Brigham for the first time!
He is seriously the cutest little man. He's Perfect. Yay for #3 of the fearsome foursome! Only one more to go!!!

She also looked like a St. Bernard for the first time to me.
Another first we're looking forward to is somebody's first St Patty's!!!


Mindy said...

Those are all great firsts! My favorite is her first all a dollar outfit, she is looking so big in that pic. That is a cute picture of her and Brigham too, I am glad at least you were with it enough to take a pic of the both of them.

Sara said...

So CUTE! I can't wait to meet her for the FIRST time! Sara

Kalynn Eve said...

Oh my gosh, does she seriously wear 12 months size?! hahaha she's huge!! You still haven't brought her in to work yet, which I resent. I want to meet that beautiful girl!

Sarah said...

I love this! She is so cute! I can't wait to meet all of these cute babies!

Cassie said...

I love her! She is so cute.

Grandma Cher said...

I love all the firsts. I can vouch for the sun in the eyes. That comes from Dad and I, but mostly from me. Pearl is so cute and is growing so fast. Love that girl.

Janeal said...

They sell clothes at All a dollar!? I am so there.
Baby fat is the cutest!

Sydney said...

Rach, you look great! Also, the All-A-Dollar outfit cracked me up. I cannot wait to see how her first St. Patty's will go!

Rangi said...

Sweet all a dollar outfit. The two greatest dollars I ever spent at the dollar store were for a pair of chinese tennis shoes and some lingerie for Sara. Unfortunatley Sara has discarded both of those purchases but not before I got my dollars worth out of them.

Rangi said...

P.S. Pearl is adorable we can't wait to meet her.

Jamie said...

Man Rachel, honestly the cutest post of the year! She is so cute and I loved all of her Firsts!


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