Raggedy Pearl Ann

Recently, at a check up, Pearl got new percentiles. If any of you remember her last percentiles these were roughly them:
Head: 30th %tile
Height: 70th %tile
Weight: 30th %tile
Tall and Skinny.
Oh how the tables turn.
At her recent appointment the numbers were these:
Head: 50th %tile
Height: 30th %tile
Weight: 70%tile!
Short and Chunky.

This is Pearl and her cousin Brigham who is 2 months younger than her.

They are the same height but Pearl almost doubles his weight. It doesn't surprise me she's trying to eat him in this picture.

I wish they had percentiles for cheeks or bellies. I think hers would be off the charts. And that folks is why the Pearl Girl is the cutest baby ever. She has really become quite the dream baby. She sleeps between 8-11 hours every night. She is a gem! I asked her Doctor if this was a problem because she was going so long without eating. He replied, "Do you want me to show you her weight gain again?"
Touche Doc.
Pearl has grown so much. I can't believe she is 11 weeks old! These are two of her closest friends. Meet Raggedy Ann and Andy. She really already loves these two!
She is the smiliest chubbiest little marshmallow ever. We are so lucky to have her. Hope you all have a great weekend!


She is SO stinking CUTE rach. i seriously could look at these pictures all day. You dress her so cute too. You should update everyday hahaha
Brooke said…
Haha! Wow...8-11 a night sounds like a dream for a newborn! :)
Grandma Cher said…
I love Pearl with Raggedy Ann and Andy. She has to be Raggedy Ann for Halloween some day. Pearl and Brigham look pretty darn cute together too.
Rocky said…
Seriously so cute!!! I laughed out loud at your touche doc.
Lauren said…
She is a doll! I must meet her in person!
Sarah said…
She is so cute! I wish I could kiss those fat cheeks!
She is so darling. I feel sad that I still haven't met this little cutie. Will you guys be at Grandma Smart's on Easter? Hope so!
Sydney said…
So cute! She is even cuter in real life! So glad we got to meet her! Love raggedy Ann!

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