Thursday, April 7, 2011


Winters in the Smart House can be cold and drafty to say the least. The Pioneers definitely built these houses sturdy, but it seems that they are usually a bit colder than the average home. Growing up it always seemed like we were dibs-ing the various, "hot spots," around the house. AKA, the heater vents. How did things usually unfold?? Survival of the fittest came into play and the bigger and stronger siblings got the more comfortable heater vents.

It seems as though history is to repeat itself. Now it seems the fight for heat is between Boldie and Millie.

Millie VS Boldie


Height: 2'3"
Weight: 22 lbs
Signature Move: Look of Death
(inherited from her mother)


Height: 1'4"
Weight: 28 lbs
Signature Move: Rock Solid to Blob in .056 seconds.
(inherited from his adoptive mother)

If you want to make Millie mad, take away her heater vent. Boldie, the handicapped French Bulldog, also has an obsession with heat. When he is in front of his vent he seriously melts into a blob. As seen in the above and below photos. When Millie comes over to our house that is one of the first places she'll go. Boldie isn't shy and will let Millie know it's his. Even if it means pushing her away with his snout to protect his domain.
Doesn't he look like a fighter??

It's sad when in the "Survival of the Fittest," a blob wins. Better luck next year Millie. Gain 6 lbs. and its in the bag!


Brooke Self said...

sooo cute! loved this haha.

Rangi said...

It was good to see Millie last weekend. Hopefully we didn't make her too soft in this sunny SoCal climate and she can do a 'flying elbow drop' to Boldie for Uncle Rangi.

Daniel Elder said...

I am tellin you what I would not even try for that heater vent. It is not the dog that i am scared of, but the gas that is being released from the backside of him that i am afraid of. ha ha ha


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