Baby Mill's Is 6 Months

Baby Mills is 6 months!!!  Were you wondering why I was blogging?   At least I blog once a month to keep everyone posted on how stinkin cute she's getting.  Sorry many of you may think this pic is creepy, I like it.
Millie was in one of the most serious moods I have ever seen her in... It was right before nap time.  Regardless, she still took really cute photos.

She loves standing... She just needs a little help.

Her feet are her new best friend:)
SO cute:)  I think she looks like a baby penguin in this pic.
I dont know why I can't get away from the old fashion look.  Maybe her 7 month pics will just be normal...

She has also started biting her lip, it's pretty cute:)
This was towards the end of the Photo Shoot.  Doesn't she look thrilled??? 



Mindy said…
Great job on the photo shoot Rachel! She is so cute in all of those pictures, I love that girls eyes and her eyelashes!
Sarah said…
So cute! I love that you blog cute pics of Millie.
cheryl said…
Rachel you are so good at getting the cutest pics. It didn't hurt that you had a darling subject.
Alea said…
Cute pics Rachel! VERY cute model too!!!
Britanee Walker said…
hey rach i found your blog. baby millie is so cute! great pictures!
Rangi said…
ADORABLE!!!!! need i say more? Sara

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