MistleToes from G. Phyl

If you knew Grandma Phyl Phyl you knew she loved getting pedicures. Her toes were always fresh. Despite snow and frigid Utah winters she managed to show off her piggies year round. She loved this nail salon in PG by our house and would often stop for a pedicure before family parties at our house. 

When she passed away in August our family was heartbroken. As we gathered together at her house sorting through old memories, my mom found a pedicure gift card I had given Grandma Phyl last Christmas Eve 2016. People probably gave her so many of those and she never got a chance to use this one. My mom said it should go back to me since I had given it to Grandma. 

Yesterday my mom, Roxanne, Millie and I took Pearl to get her first pedicure. She was so excited and felt like one of the big girls. I'm sad grandma Phyl Phyl didn't get to use her pedicure gift card from us but I hope she was glad Pearl could use it for her first pedicure. We all talked and remembered Grandma as we were getting our toes done. 

Christmas Eve reminds me so much of her and all of the fun times we had down in her basement. Singing Christmas songs, gifts from Grandpa's store, sitting on Santa's lap, Rox and I forced to sing "Sisters," and cramming 80 Smarts into her downstairs family room. So many memories I'll always be grateful for. 
 I'm still amazed that her last Christmas Eve alive she hosted 75 people for dinner, games, activities.  She was truly amazing. 

Tonight we will miss singing an off key version of silent night on her red shag carpet with all of the Smart extended family but Pearl and I are loving our fresh toes and thinking of our sweet Grandma Phyl Phyl today. Every time I think of her I'm reminded to love life.  Love you Grandma.


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