Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sweaty Sweaters.

In December Roman & Michelle through a Sweaty Sweater Party and it was such a fun night.  There was way too much delicious food, live entertainment, cookie decorating, hot chocolate bar, White Elephant exchange, Sweater Contest and best of all... hanging out with the coolest cats I know. 

Roman and Michelle's house looked darling.  It was such a cute Christmas house and Michelle really outdid herself on all of the decorations.  Kris Kringle himself would be proud.   Also, thanks to Rhett, we were all serenaded with live Christmas music!  I felt so cool I was watching the door for Beyonce to stroll in. Very Classy Christmas.
 Michelle took cookie decorating a step further, she handmade little cookie shaped sweaters.  They were so cute and fun to decorate.  Mindy was even able to replicate Grandma Phyl's historical sweater that broke the internet.  #gPhylBreaksTheInternet

Pearl was in sweetness overload.  Decorating these cookies was one of the best moments of her life thus far, I swear.  

"I woke up like this."

Three FROS are better than one.

 Next was the Swaggiest Sweater Contest.  Things get heated and tension runs thick, but when Phyllis walked in the door all hopes of placing 1st were shattered.  She was just too bitchin' and all knew it.  Her get up had everything but I'd say she swept the contest with the "WOW," factor her sweater brought to the party.  She was quoted that night saying, "I don't know, sometimes I even surprise myself!" Talk about an 84 year old with swagger.  She sneezed and the beat got sickah.
 Danny and Rhett stole the prize for 2nd and 3rd.  Rhett sporting a fur lined duster looking like some male model that stepped out of a high fashion catalog. 

 Danny with a steamy turtle neck paired with a vintage but stylin' Canine themed vest.  
Hot DAWG. 
I'm takin' that home tonight.

(Why don't Beetle and Mindy age?!)
Cher's bejeweled shoulders almost as beautiful as her holding baby Rudolph.

 Jane kept smiling at all of the gorgeous sweaters, I'm sure that's why.

Gotta get the 4 generations photo in dazzly sweaters for posterity sake.

 I unfortunately didn't get photos of everyone that was there!  Dang.  But it was such a fun night and I'm glad now I'll remember it. 
Until next year my Sweaty and Swaggy friends.


D-Lish said...

This was seriously such a fun night!

Rocky said...

Looks like an awesome night. Glad you blogged it. G-Phyll is legit.

Sydney said...

Oh my heck, please be a comedian! This is so freakin' hilarious. GPHYLL!!! Seriously, she is such a hoot! What a fun night. Your hair also looked awesome and I seriously love the Smarts. There simply are not cooler people on this Earth.

Annabelle said...

Grandma phylls night of rebelion :)


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