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Since I wrote this post a year ago and today started doing a post on her THIRD birthday, I decided I would finally post this... ha ha.  

"Puhl,"  as she calls herself, is two.  Pearl is two?  What the crap? 
Sometimes I can't believe she's only two and other days it seems like not so long ago we were walking through our front door for the first time as a family of three.  Pearl has been such a joy in my life.  Though at times she can be a fiesty little pistol, she really is a sweetheart with such a love of life.  She still smiles more than any other person I know.  I love this because it's so contagious and now I'm probably the person who smiles second most. 
Sometimes I can't believe it was just a year ago we watched her double fisting handfuls of her 1st birthday cake.

 I haven't blogged the last six months of her life so here are some updates on my favorite two year old.

-I love the way she says "Stop it. Don't mom." It's slightly annoying because I'm just trying to brush the tangles out of her hair, but she has such a cute voice I kinda like it. 

-She is already full of crap.  Definitely MY daughter and Ricker's granddaughter. 
-The way she says "Oh sick," "Pee-you!" Or, "Ew, gwoss," when I'm changing her diaper. Her newest phrase, and Danny's personal favorite, while changing HER diaper is "Pee-you Wickuh!" (Ricker) Already learning to pass the buck. 
-Some of my favorite things she says:
"Sockalut." (Chocolate.)
"Mom, I Mott." (Mom, I'm smart.)
"Sarin mom!" (When someone isn't "sharing" with her exactly when she wants.)
"Per-yee!" (Pearlie.)
"Ooooast done!" (The toast is done)
"Danny fuuuuunny mom!"
-When I ask her a question, like "Where are your boots?" She says, "I dunno?" And when I tell her not to do something asks "Why?" All the time.  
-The way she calls Polka Dots, 'Bubbles.'  I seem to have an obsession, because there are a lot of 'Bubbles,' hanging in her closet.
-The way she meows like a cat.  ^^^  Picture the above face while swiveling her neck around and the longest weirdest "cat" sound you've ever heard.  Millie calls it, "Sassy Cat."  It's hilarious and weird.

  -She goes crazy when she's hears music and starts doing the left chicken wing flap and steamroller with her arms. She got her dad's dance moves that's for sure. Her favorite toys right now are a singing teapot and an elephant that plays music.                  
-She constantly says "thank you-welcome" after everything I do for her. I'm trying to teach her those are two different things. Most of the time she tries to be so polite though, it's so cute.

-She LOVES to sing and is constantly walking around the house singing "Bo on the Go." Or her newest, "Baaaaby you're a fiiiiiiiya-wuuhk!" Katy Perry's 'Baby You're a Firework."  Not sure how I feel about that one.
She has gotten better about biting but sometimes she lets her excitement/anger get the best of her and sinks her teeth into Danny's shoulder or poor Brigham's arm. 
We're still working on it, because she definitely is our little fireball.
Sometimes we meet in the middle and she only looks half crazy.  Yes... that's a poncho over a peacoat.
-She has become quite the fashionista and putting together hideously hilarious outfits.  It's not as hilarious when we have five minutes to get to church and she refuses to take off giant butterfly wings that she's wearing over a leopard dress with sweatpants underneath.  My mom says it's Karma.  To that, I say YIKES, because I know it's the truth.

-She loves all of her cousins!
-She's deathly afraid of snakes even though she's only seen one once on my parent's porch this Summer.  Whenever she wakes up crying she says, "Nake!  Nake bite me!" So sad.

-You're probably all wondering about Potty Training.  For the last six months a couple times a week, randomly, Pearl will go into the bathroom and do her business by herself.  But when I can tell she is going in her diaper and ask her if she wants to hurry and go on the toilet she yells, "No!"  So we'll see how this whole potty training thing goes with such a strong willed and opinionated two year old this weekend.
-Her dad is her very favorite person.  She watches him with the saddest expression through our kitchen window drive away to work in the morning saying, "Awwww, bye Danny."  
And you should see how excited she gets when he gets home.  I hope they always have a close relationship.  She loves family prayers at night and can't wait to kneel down over the ottoman in her room.   She loves Nursery and whenever we drive past a church she yells, "Mom! Chuuch!"  She brought me her church shoes twice this week and said, "Come on, Mom.  Chuuch."  I'm pretty convinced she wishes her nursery leader was her mom, she is pretty awesome.                                                                                                                                                  
-After every book she reads she says amen.  Too cute and funny.                                                                       -She's getting harder to get a picture of but I guess I shouldn't complain. The other morning I heard "Cheese!" Coming from her crib. 
-She loves baby Ricker and I have caught her laying on top of him more than once. Luckily he's girthy and can handle a beating already.  She LOVES to put his pacifier or bottle in his mouth or cover his face with a blanket.  Already my little helper....

The strongest of sibling bonds are formed by the heater vent.
I love the way she rubs his belly and says "Wickuh! He's ta-yoot! He's ta-yubby." It wasn't as cute when she found a 13-year-old picture of me and pointed and said "Mom, ta-yoot, Mom ta-yubby!"
-She loves to color. The only problem is she's obsessed with markers and refuses all colored pencils and crayons. I'm going to have to paint my whole house because all my walls are marked up.  Good thing she's cute.

Best Buddies.
-Pearl has two moms whom she completely adores, Cher and Millie. She loves Millie so much and loves to copy everything she does. Sometimes this is a good thing sometimes it's not. 
I seriously had just vacuumed and left them in there while I went to put Ricker down for  a nap.
I was gone for like 5 minutes... hello empty drawers.
Really though, Millie is so grown up now it's crazy. She changed two of pearl's diapers and got her dressed by herself yesterday! They play so cute together, I love it.  Pearl also lives to see my mom everyday. She clings to her and gives her hugs and loves to follow her around the house.                                                                                                                                                   -She's obsessed with this giant red blanket she calls it her "Bye-Chee" she won't sleep without it. I washed it the other day because it was disgusting and she cried for a half hour on the laundry room floor yelling, "By-Chee! By-Chee!"  The only thing more ridiculous than that is hearing myself ask Danny to hand me, "By-Chee."                                                                                                                                -I'm worried we have a case of OCD on our hands. She loves to clean and is always trying to clean my walls and kitchen floor. Is she my daughter? She also loves washing her hands and loves hand sanitizer. She has to have clean hands. Yep, she's my daughter.
-Her favorite foods are chips, nerds, chocolate, oranges, and bananas.  So...junk food and fruit.  Also my daughter.
-She's become quite the talker and can say pretty much anything she wants. Most of the time it's nice that she can communicate and actually tell us what's hurting or what happened. Other times when we go for a drive and she yells, "Daaaaaanny! Daaaaachel!" over and over again I wish she couldn't talk. :)
-It's a bittersweet moment when you pull up to a gas station and she says, "Mom, I wanna Coke."
Time is flying and I am doing my best to savor all of the time I get to spend with my little girl.
We just love our Pearlie so much and feel so lucky that we get to be her parents.
Happy Birthday Pearl!

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