Our Fourth of July started at Mimi's Cafe with the Elder family.  It has been a tradition for years that I love.  Pain Perdue anyone?  It's too good.  We always have a good time visiting and laughing and as usual Pearl gets spoiled rotten. 
 Pearl snuggling right into Uncle Rick.  She doesn't even cuddle me like this!  I was a little jealous.
 After breakfast we all headed over to the mall to do a little shopping.  Baby Gap was having some awesome sales so we got a bunch of cute little dude clothes and Pam bought me a Gap maternity dress that I love!

 Later that afternoon, we headed down to Roman and Michelle's for another tradition that started a few years ago.  Nothing like BBQ-ing on the Fourth!

Our 4th of July family pic.
 This was the best group shot I got.  Awesome I know.  It was fun to have Brent and Darrell in town this year, we don't get to see them as much as we'd like!
 Rhett's Ronald Reagan mask spent the party both entertaining and horrifying the kids.
 Sister pic.  Rox looked like a flippin' rockstar with her cool outfit, whereas my shape is starting to look more and more like an ice cream cone.
 Elie made these cute chocolate covered rice crispy treat stars for everyone!  Totally impressive.  And she is totally a cutie.
 Roman and Michelle are always so nice to have the whole gang over.  Their house was looking so cute too!
 Cher made my favorite cake of the year.  Seriously divine.

 Uncle Darrell and G. Phyl, I love these two for obvious reasons:)
 Pearl loves her dad!

 This was my favorite pic from our 4th of July.  How cute are these two?

 This was the best pic I got of the fearsome foursome.  Tell me someone got a better one!?

 I love my parents so much.  They are pretty much the cutest coolest people I know.
Pearl loved following around her older cousins.  No one is cooler than them!

 Later that night we watched PG's firework show from our church parking lot.  We had a bunch of treats and blankets along with all the glow sticks Ricker and Cher bought.  They were a hit!

 What a great Fourth!


D-Lish said…
Again awesome post babe. Love it

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