Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Father's Day

The day before Father's Day Danny decided he wanted to do a BBQ and cook his favorite thing, Brats.

We had a small get together with the fam.
All five of Beetle's kids in the hammock, this won't end pretty...
Luckily, Beetle has cat like reflexes and saved Brigham's life.  It was a fun night.
The next day everyone met up at Ricker and Cher's house.
Here you see Cher grilling up the Salmon.
Four generations on Father's Day!  
I love my dad so much.  He is one of my very best friends.  We hang out almost everyday and will talk on the phone several times a day.  I am so grateful for the close relationship I have with him and for everything he does and continues to do for me and my little family.  He is such a fun and cool guy.  Pearl is crazy about him too.  Whenever we pull up to my parents house she starts yelling, "Bompa! Bompa!"  She is Ricker's little buddy.
This was his curbside delivery of Donut holes from Daylight Donuts on National Donut Day.  The girls were so excited!  This is just one of the many examples of nice things he does for me and the girls daily.
He is always thinking of others!
I'm also so grateful for this Daddy right here!  He is Pearl's #1 fan and honestly she is his too.  He never complains about changing a diaper and works so hard for our family so I can stay home and raise our kids.  Pearl is a total daddy's girl and I know our little man will love him to death too.
(Sorry for the crappy phone pic)
Danny doesn't get a lot of sleep and sometimes I feel guilty he doesn't have enough time to do what he wants.  He never complains and spends most of his free time playing with the girls.  The other day after Danny had just got home from school I came outside to find him giving "Elephant Rides," in 105 degree weather.  He sure is a keeper.  
My parents gave all the boys those cute cards and jerky along with bacon caramel truffles!
Brig's eyes are unreal to me!
As you can tell we make cheesy homemade cards around here.
After dinner we headed up to the Elder's house to say Happy Father's day to Gary and Cary!  Of course Pearl decided to pretty much swim in their water feature getting soaking wet.  And of course Pam had a brand new pair of pajamas for Pearlie to get comfy in afterwards!
Pearl loves her Grumpy so much.  Cary is always making sure Pearlie has a treat and she walks straight to their treat drawer every single time we go to their house.  I wonder why?!
Just last Sunday we were at their house and I loved hearing the two talk back and forth while playing upstairs for a good half hour.  Pearl loves Cary! 
We are lucky to have such awesome dads and grandpas in our lives!

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Daniel elder said...

Cute post. I love it. Best father's around!


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