Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On Pregnancy.

So, I pretty much give up blogging for the first half of my pregnancies.  I'm trying to work on that.
I know you're all dying to hear how my pregnancy is going (ha ha) so here's a quick update.  Morning sickness sadly decided to show it's face on the exact day it did in my last pregnancy, at 6 weeks and 2 days.  It's weird how throwing up so much changes one's mentality.  Before I eat anything I wonder how bad it will hurt coming back up.  Example, oranges.  The burn! ... TMI?  Probably yes.  If I am in a public place I am constantly scanning for a trash can or other form of receptacle.  Last week, luckily, there was a small trash can close by the milk isle that saved me a little bit of embarrassment.  Only a little though.  Throwing up in front of people has to be one of the grossest most humiliating things a person can experience.
Sorry to the patrons of Smith's who had to witness that.
Danny has been so nice running to the store to get me $27 worth of fruit, or taking the girls for a walk so I can take a nap.  He's the best.
Because most of the time I feel like this.  Stinkin' tired.
I don't remember being this tired with Pearl, but maybe I just forgot.
My parents dropped by a little fruit bag on a day I was feeling particularly crappy.
They're so sweet:)
 Our baby is like on steroids or something and is getting huge.  I guess that term is relative, but in a few weeks it's grown from the size of a poppyseed to a tangerine.  And I know I'm only 13 weeks pregnant but I swear my stomach is already way thicker.  With Pearl it definitely took longer to start pounching(made up word?), so get ready for one huge mama this Summer.  My eating habits are pretty similar to my last pregnancy.  Lots of fruit and cold cereal, with an absolute hatred for chocolate or anything that smells remotely like it.  Good thing I ate my box of See's the day I found out because I seriously loathe the stuff now.  Oh and fatty alert: the 3 am cereal feedings have begun.... yikes.

Another thing, crying.  I am not a cryer by any means.  I NEVER cry in movies, ever.  The other night I found myself alone watching Juno bawling like you wouldn't believe.  I almost woke Danny up to show him my weird, unexplainable tears but couldn't decide if it was more embarrassing to cry by myself or with someone watching.  I decided the latter would be more embarrassing and spared him my awkwardness.  Then I ran into a friend at the store, in the milk isle, and she told me her grandpa died and I started crying!  WTH is wrong with me!  Straight up psycho.
Clearly, I should stay out of the milk isle.

So I am now officially into my Second Trimester.  I know, crazy. 


meg bird said...

Oh Rach! I'm so glad you shared haha. Pregnancy both terrifies and fascinates me.

As Juno would say, "I'm a sacred vessel. All you've got in your stomach is Taco Bell."

Remember that!

Grandma Cher said...

It is a godsend that we can forget any of the things that go on during pregnancy, but on the other hand once they finally get here we know there isn't anything we wouldn't go through for them!

Heather Magill said...

Oh my gosh Rachel! I can only imagine you in tears. Must be a fascinating sight! I hope you get feeling better! I can't believe that I am missing out on yet another Elder baby Pregnancy. I really miss you guys. Keep me updated please!

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