Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Babies are just cute

I have really been trying to work on my manners lately.  Most of Pearl's life when people told me she was cute I'd reply with, "I know, right?" I have been trying to say thank you and accept the compliment graciously.  I honestly have to try and remember.  She really is just so cute to me though.  
                              I call this one, "Baby Jabba. Short for Jabba the Hut of course.
She is always either smiling or scowling.  My dad says she got Rangi's scowl and Rocky's smile.   She definitely executes her moods by her facial expressions. 
Pearl is 3 months old now!  
-is still sleeping through the night between 8 and 11 hours!
-has started laughing. 
-weighs 14 lbs.
-has started drooling quite a bit this week.
-tries to talk when you talk to her.
-loves to suck on her hand(s.)  She is queen of double fisting it.
-still loves to be on her dad's chest.
-has started to take awesome naps during the day.
-cannot help but smile if someone looks at her.
-only eats buffet style.
-loves to snuggle.
-still does not love tummy time.
-grabs at everything and refuses to let go with her Kung Fu Death grip.
-makes me want to cut my hair.  

Does baby Pearl have curly hair? I know she DOES have an attitude problem when getting out of the bath.
    She really is almost always happy. If she makes eye contact with anyone she smiles so big she can't stand it.

Some babies are just cute.  And  how we got so many cuties in one family?  I don't know but I'm stoked.   I'd be even more stoked if #2, Violet,  of the fearsome foursome was in Utah.  We're loving all these babies around!


Mindy said...

Cute post. I think the second pic of Pearl looks a lot like Millie! It is sad we don't have Violet here for pictures. It is going to be so fun seeing that many babies together.

K_Williams said...

She is so cute!!! Go ahead a brag!! I love the picture of her scowling.... such a cute expression. and of course she has an amazing big smile!!

KFord.Squared said...

I agree that you should be able to say "I know" When someone gives you a compliment... (I used to have this problem in High School and had to change my ways) but for a Baby as ADORABLE as Pearl.. BRAG AWAY! She and YOU deserve it. Great Post!

Rocky said...

If it wasnt for Bayliss being in the last photo I would have guessed Pearl had eaten him. It is amazing what a difference 10 weeks makes. They grow so fast!! She is adorable! She has the prettiest color of red hair!

Lauren said...

SOOO cute! you should enter her in the Strawberry Days baby contest. I'd vote for Pearl Girl!

Rachey Elder said...

I love Pearl's smile. She is probably going to have to use wrinkle cream by the time she is one year old to make for all those smile wrinkles. At least they will be happy wrinkles. I don't think they count. I guess all that sleeping will make up for the extra time smiling any way. I wish Violet was here too, for the Fearsome Foursome Picture. It will be so fun when they come in August. Rach, this is your fault I'm leaving this message in your name... You left the computer logged in on your name and I'm to lazy to write this over.
Your Mom

Sarah said...

OK, Pearl is so crazy adorable. You don't have poor manners, you just have a beautiful baby. No one can help it. I can't wait to get her and Vi together. I'm so sad seeing the three of them without her. Good thing she doesn't know what she's missing.:)

Rangi said...

Thank you Rachel for posting a pic of all the babies! I love seeing them. They are all so cute -Vi included. I just hope we are there to see the fearsome foursome together! Sara

Grandma Cher said...

I love this post... what's not to love about Elie! She is as pretty as she is funny and fun! Those pictures are so good. We miss her. Thanks for sharing Elie's comments. She is really growing up.

Roman said...

ha ha! Pehly (Millie dialect) IS super cute. Nothing wrong with bragging. The picture with the three is hilarious. Pearl is totally going to be the ring leader of the fearsome foursome.

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