10 LBS of Luuuuuv.

This is going to be a random post just to update you on the Pearl. Because she's cute.
-She has the cutest dimples.
-She is 7 weeks old on Thursday.
-She is going to be blessed this Sunday:)
-Her rap name has been bestowed upon her by the Ricker. Are you ready?
... Pearl Jam.
(Danny keeps having nightmares that while blessing her he accidentally names her that. Close enough. Her real name is Pearl ANN.)
-She is seriously the smiliest baby ever.
-She has the cutest belly in Pleasant Grove, maybe the world.
-She has pretty blue eyes.

-She now weighs 10 lbs. It's all muscle I can assure you.
Also, here's one for all you mom experts out there. Have you ever had a baby that won't stop sucking on their arm? I wake up in the night and hear Pearl sucking on her arm.
-She has given herself a wicked hickey.
(just in time for her blessing of course)
-She is still rocking the Cheetah:)


Darcee said…
She is the cutest thing EVER! I need to squeeze her cheeks! Seriously, Rachel, she is perfect. And her belly is absolutely lush! I LOVE her rap name...Pearl Jam!?!? LOVE it! I love checking your blog for new pics and because your posts always make me laugh!
Unknown said…
that last picture is to die for!!! Ahhh your making me so baby hungry! She is so cute!!!
chelsea said…
Her belly has to be the cutest in the world! She is so adorable!! Keep the pics coming.
Krystal Ann said…
Awww! I am loving those dimples. I can't believe how smiley she is :) too cute!
Sydney said…
I cannot handle her cuteness! It is off the charts, Rach! The third picture down with the little navy bow in her hair is adorable! And Pearl Jam is such an appropriate name! I love it. I need to squeeze her!
Mindy said…
She is so dang cute! I can't wait to see the Pearl Jam rap. She is getting so chubby so fast. Those are all great pics.
Cassie said…
Rachel, She is so stinkin cute! I love, love, love her red hair! Good job.
Alea said…
She IS so smiley! I love it!!! She is just adorable. Way to go mom!
sheila said…
She is sooo adorable, I would LOVE to see her in person. What a smiler she is. Pearl Jam rocks! Keep those pics of her coming.

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