Never too late for a New Year's Resolution.

At the beginning of the year several people make promises and set goals to become a better person.

-Go to the gym more.
-Eat healthier
-Do more service.

We've all done it.
What start out as good intentions are usually forgotten by the time February rolls around.

Right after Christmas, when our pants had gotten tighter and our bellies seemed to have grown, we all sat around the table talking about our New Year's Resolutions. My mother in law came up with a great idea. She had a goal she wanted to help us achieve.

The resolution: She wanted us all to learn something new this year. Whether it was learning to budget or learning to play the guitar, she wanted us to choose something we felt inclined to learn about. She gave each of us a cute fabric pouch containing $20. This money was to be used to purchase a book concerning what we chose to learn about. I was so excited to learn something new! I love to learn and there are so many things that interest me. Danny and I went to Borders one afternoon and had a blast trying to decide what we wanted to learn about.

We had just walked over to Border's from Happy Sumo and naturally I had Sushi on the brain. I found a Make Your Own Sushi Kit. It included various items needed to make sushi like recipe books, an instructional dvd, sushi mat, wooden rice spoon, decorative chop sticks, ect.

I was so excited. The next day I came home from work to find Danny had gotten all of the necessary ingredients for our homemade sushi.

There were so many ingredients that I had no clue were in Sushi.
Especially ingredients for the rice. It's just rice! Not really. The rice is the trickiest part. It has to be sticky but not too sticky.
Some of our beginning rolls struggled.
But we still had such a fun time making them. We all made our own rolls just how we liked them. (Mine with a ton of fish eggs and lemon:)
They actually started getting a lot better with each one we made.
We have had a few different Sushi Nights at our house and each one is more successful than the next.
At least something good comes from New Year's Resolutions.
We plan on keeping this tradition of learning at least one new thing a year.

2011= Homemade Sushi.


Mindy said…
That is such a great idea, and fun! Most new years resolutions don't sound too fun.
Lauren said…
Oh this is so awesome! Why to conquer it right? Resolution...done.
Darcee said…
OK. Next time I'm in Utah, you need to make me some sushi. I will buy all the stuff, you just be the chef! I'm so impressed!
I LOVED your post for Danny's bday. I feel like I know him very well, now, even though we've only met once. Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments on our blog. You are so sweet and on top of that you are beautiful and hilarious! No wonder Danny snagged you! :)
Brooke Self said…
looks so awesome! I dunno if you saw my attempts at sushi-- so far I have only tried the cucumber roll! Something about actually messing with the raw fish myself scares me! you guys look super legit though. :)
Grandma Cher said…
That looks so pretty. Why don't I like it. That was so nice of Pam to help you out.
Janeal said…
That is AWESOME. I love sushi. Maybe I'll hire you to come over and make me some.
Heidi G. said…
What a flippin fun idea!!! I had no idea they had such books/kits. I love sushi! I'll have to look into that
Erin Marie said…
I don't love sushi... but I appreciate the fact you made it and it was delish.. so.. congrats! you're stunning, btw.
Rangi said…
Last time Sara and I went to sushi we liked it but as soon as we left we drove straight across the street to the Crispy Creme drive through. We had to get our saturated fat and calories up for the meal. As much as I try to eat healthy I am still a Smart.

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