Fun Bus to Wendover!!!!

Los G's newest activity has been riding the Fun Bus to Wendover. For those of you who don't know what Wendover is its a small city about 2 hours away that consists of 6 small Casinos and Hotels. Its awesome. We buy our tickets through the Le Bus also know as The Fun Bus. It's a pretty sweet deal. It includes a comfortable bus ride down and back with some very overzealous geriatrics, free soda on the ride down, bingo games where you can win serious MOOLA on the trip down, $5 in cash as soon as you get there, a FREE seafood buffet dinner ($26.99 Value:), and a free cocktail( i usually get a Diet Coke:) while in the Casino. We have gone a couple times in the past month. Danny wanted to go for his birthday and then the next weekend Roman and all the LOS Gs wanted to go for his birthday. Here are some of the pics:)
Los G's on Wendover's version of, "The Strip"

Brad blending in perfectly with the Rainbow neon sign behind him. I actually gave him and Danny both this shirt for Christmas. If you squint your eyes you almost cant see him.. ha ha

Romskinna and I with our complimentary $5

We had several eating contests in which Dustin and Danny dominated...

Some delicious Frog Legs...Part of the eating contest

Some of the group chowin down

Diet Coke and a cheap shortbread cookie, Double Threat

D-Lish enjoying a little Seafood:)

I know my blog is like a freaking advertisement for Le Bus.
Danny won Bingo!!
Adam and Melissa trying their luck
Dustin and Heather
Rome and Michelle
Teflon B sat by the Polynesian guy the whole single riders:)

Danny's B-day Trip

The biggest news of the night...
Danny won $250!!!
Off of ONE quarter! Woo Hoo!!!

Teflon B SiPpInG on sOmE sCiZzoR
AKA: Red Bull



Sara said…
Hey you've sold me on LE BUS, mostly for the name!!!Sara
Rachey Smart said…
Ha, ha it is really fun...How could it not be with a name like LE BUS??? YOu guys will have to come sometime!
cheryl said…
Le Bus really should pay you for that as an advertisement. It made dad and I want to be one of the overzealous geriatrics.

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