What Do I Get This Guy For Christmas???

Christmas is coming soon and I need some ideas for the Danny Man!!! He has only told me ONE thing he wants...Sour Cream and Cheddar Potato Chips. Done. I need some more ideas though...If any of you have anything you think he would enjoy, our limit is $50. (If you are worried he will read this, don't worry. He doesn't even know how to get to my blog. Sad, I know. He doesn't really get all that into the blogging world.)


Rangi said…
Sara's favorite gift I've gotten was my Santa velvet boxers complete with Santa hat. Perfect for any newly wed couple.
Rangi said…
Or you can get him what I am asking for, hair extensions. Long live the mullet!!
Rachey Smart said…
MY favorite gift you've ever gotten was the Santa Boxers and I never even saw them. That is freakin hilarious! And of course I've already bought him the extensions, aren't those first on every guy's list??? Long live the mullet!! ha ha love it!

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