Great Gatsby

Danny and I were able to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner at UVU recently.  It was SOO fun!  I love any excuse to dress up so of course I loved it:) ha.
It was roarin' 20's themed and it was so fun to see everyone's costumes.  This was one of the characters from the Murder Mystery.  She actually ended up being the killer!! ha
We were served a full on meal, including salad, rolls, chicken somethin good, peas, lemonade, and the most important...CHOCOLATE CAKE.  
There were about 250 people there!  There was a costume contest and 5 people won the game CLUE.  I was fortunate to be one of the five!!  It made me feel better about spending $18 on my costume...:)

It was fun to be a brunette for one night, but I'll probably stick with the whole redhead thing:)


cheryl said…
Your costume was great. I liked your brunette look, but don't ever give up the red. Millie's picture are so cute.
Rangi said…
Yea Thank You Rachel for posting pictures of Millie I have been dying to see her and she is as adorable as ever! Can't wait to see her, and all of you in just a few weeks now. I LOVE the pics of you dressed up for the murder mystery, you look great as a brunette too! Thanks for always leaving comments, rangi and I like to know someone is reading!!! Love Ya, Sara
Natalie said…
yahoo im so happy to see your blog updated hahah well i hope all is well!!!! i miss ya! love ya talk to you soon
Sara said…
Rachel I don't know how I feel about you dressing up as a brunette. I'm glad you at least won the costume contest for your sacrifice. It looked like a blast and right up your alley.


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