Los G's dun it again!!!  Notice us throwin up our cholo gang signs... Gotsta represent Los G's.
Every Cinco De Mayo Party needs a pregnant woman in a moo moo accompanied by a sickly bright blouse with shoulder pads bigger than your head... we've some how managed to accomplish both of these.
Raquelle...aka "The Pimptress" with her Los Vatos
Who knew Cinco De Mayo was such a Romantic Holiday???
The coveted Churro machine pretty much made our party.
Los Smart Amigas...TOO HOT TO DEPORT.
Our thiry pound pinata!!
Some of the Los Gs all hopped up on Horchata and Churros...
Everyone at the party had to have either a beauty mole or a mustache...Danny's was sweet:)


Sarah said…
I'm pretty sure my favorite part is Roman's mustache. Because everyone knows red heads grow black mustaches.
cheryl said…
We might be getting a new Churro Machine. That will be nice for next year. What a great party.
Rangi said…
Hey, we didn't have a churro machine at the cinco de mayo party I went to. Awesome post! Wish I could have been there.
Stubbs said…
Hey! It's me Teresa Fontanetti, from high school. If you don't remember me that's ok. But I just wanted to let you know I found your blog and you're awesome!
My blog is actually private, but if you want to see it, just send me your email and I can invite you - tfontanetti@gmail.com
Ash Att said…
Rach! your so funny! your blog is great :)

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