So crap, I accidently slept in through my public speaking class. EEE. So now Im on here.  And I fully agree with Sara and the stupid password thing.  How it makes you add a certain amount of numbers to stuff and then you cant remember the dang thing! Just thought I'd say that.  But life is good.  This week was hard to go back to school after pretty much TWO weeks of play. Last week Rick, Cher, Rox, G. Phyl, and I went down to Cali and met up with Rang's FamDam.  Then we went to Catalina Island.  It was really fun.  We caught tons of fish!  They were real beauts, if ya like 4 in. Fish!  Ha! But it was really fun. Its a really cute little Island, and one of the prettiest places I have ever been.  The week before that, me and danny went down to St. George for my friend Lyndsi's bridal shower.  It was really fun too. We stayed in a freakin mansion!  Crazy!! We drove to Mesquite everyday for the breakfast buffet...mmm buuufffeeet.  So yeah, any weight I had lost was probably gained back the first visit to the virgin river buffet.  Ehh.  We also got to visit all my old roomies, go hiking, shopping at the outlets, swimming, and Relaxing!  It was such a fun trip! So that is what is new in my life, doesn't sound too exciting, but its actually more exciting then lately. 


Sarah said…
I found you.

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