Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rachel Ann's Life

Well, my name is Rachel Ann.  I am from Pleasant Grove, Ut born and raised.  I love it here.  I am currently attending UVSC and I really like it there too.  I am studying to go into Photography.  I love photography!  Its probably my very favorite thing to do.  Whether its snappin a pic of AnnaBelle or hiking a mountain to get that perfect shot of the valley, Im there!  I hope to turn it into a career one day. I really love people, especially nice ones:)  I have alot of respect for my family and love them so much.  They are all my best friends.  My parents are awesome examples to me.  I have never met such hard working, selfless people as them.  I hope to be like them someday.  Ricker is THE hardest worker you will ever meet. He is also willing to do anything for a loved one.  He is the reason we all party, because he is the original party animal himself!  Cher is so funny.  Such a sweet lady, I swear she has never said anything rude to anyone!  She also is a hard worker and loves fun.  I especially like it when she gets hyper and starts wrestling, singing, or dancing(especially RESEDA!).  Now you know where my craziness blossomed from.  My siblings are all amazing too. We all bring a little somethin somethin to the table.  We are all so different, but get along really good. My four older brothers are SO great and I love them so much!  Rangi is so good at math and telling stories.  He loves to be active.  Whether its surfing or longboarding, Rang will love it. And man, you can not get that brotha off a tube to save your life!   Rocky is always trying to help everyone out.  He is the sibling that makes sure to keep in touch with everyone.  He loves sports!!! And he is dang good at them!  He can beat anyone at anything, and therefore I rest my case why I hate games:)  Beetle  is the sweetest guy around and can invent anything!  He is such a people person!  Everyone loves Beetle. He is also super creative.  I swear he's gonna be rich someday from some crazy invention he'll do. Roman is super artistic and is really talented with computers and drawing. Not to mention one of the funniest people ever!  If you are ever down, this kid will have you crying tears of laughter in no time!  Not to mention all of them are super athletic.  My little sister is Roxanne, she is a rock!  I have never met such a loyal person(except the Ricker).  She is there for ya always, and I know I can always count on her to stand up for me.  Sometimes I wonder why she's not the older sister?  She sets a great example for me.  Me and her have SOO much fun going to school together.  We actually do everything together.  All of our classes are together, we work at Los, and live together.  Sometimes I worry we have TOO much fun.  She will make a great wife and mom someday! She is my best friend.  We cant forget good old Billiam! She is probably the nicest person I have ever met, and I should probably delete the probablies from this sentence.  She is always willing to help you out, even if its not convient to her. And I can honsestly say I dont think she has ever said anything wrong to someone.  She always has the coolest hair too.  She is really smart and is gonna make such a great wife and mother someday. Then there are the sister-in-laws.  They are also amazing.  They are all so different and all so funny!  The first addition to the family Sara, married Rangi.  She is so funny.  She is such a good mom and always puts her kids before her.  One of her kids would rather eat a vitamin then a piece of candy!  Thats impressive!  She is also good at decorating and loves getting deals on stuff for her home.  The next addition to our fam, was Mindy girl.  She is such a sweet heart.  Like Beetle, she is also always trying to help out.  She did our whole families taxes without the blink of an eye. She is so thoughtful!  She also helped me out so much with figuring out all of my school stuff.  Sometimes her mouth gets her in trouble, but thats one of the reasons we love her!  She decorated their condo so cute!  Were glad to have her in the fam!  The newest addition to our family is SaraH, not to be confused with Sara:)  Her and Rocky have been married since July 2007 and are expecting their first little one sometime in Sept. Sarah is really funny too.  She loves to read, and play games. And let me be the first to tell you, she's competitive, and she hates when Rocky beats her at games!  She also is one of the first ones to step in and help. I know her and Rock will be great parents too!  Now onto the grandkiddies.  Rigdon is the oldest, he just turned seven!  Time flies!  He is such a responsible little guy.  I formentioned the child who would rather eat a vitamin then candy, thats Rig!  He is going to grow up to be somethin important.  Next is AnnaBelle. She is a gorgeous little girl and super photogenic too.  She loves to play and is one of the funniest little girls ever.  She can play as rough as the boys, and probably rougher, but also can be such a little sweetheart.  Next came Olivia.  She's a Red head!  Need I say more? No, but I will:)  Livi is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever seen. She is always happy and if someone else isn't her mission isn't accomplished until they are!  Next is Baby B.  Benson is such a tender little guy.  Just lookin at him, ya cant help but love him!  He loves to play, especially with trains, and gives the best hugs around!  He's a miniature Beetle, its so dang cute.  Next, SWEET CAROLINE! Bom, bom, bom! Good times never seemed so good!  Caroline, also one of the few and proud reds, is such a cutie.  One of my favorite babies ever to take pictures of!  She is a happy little girl and we found out in one of Rang and Sara's trips up here, she doesn't like the cold!  She's our little California girl. She loves to play with dogs, namely Boomer and Clover, cuz they are just her size!  She can also talk so good for her age!  And last but not least... MAXWELL SMART!  He is our newest little addition to the fam.  He was born in October and I swear has been smiling ever since.  He is such a good little baby, and always happy!


Sara said...

Rachel I didn't even know you had a blog, but I already love it! So you better update and I think you nailed everyone in the family! We love you too! Love sara

Sarah said...

Whose to say Rocky always beats me at games?

thebigbam said...

This is not my first time on your blog but somehow I missed this post. Thanks for all the nice things you said they are all pretty much true except for- my mouth gets me in trouble?? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Just kidding, I actually agree and if you want to know the truth I probably only say half of what I am really thinking, so at least I hold some things back.

cheryl said...

Rachey your blog is awesome... could use a little updating though. You really complimented the fam well.


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